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The capsuling bottle sector (wine, champagne, oil and others) demands of a very personalized and high quality service. Each unit has to be adjusted to the specific needs of the client, integrating into the client's existing machines and production processes.

SSP through its long trajectory has worked with companies in the wine capsule sector such as M.M. Canals and Facesa, providing them with spare parts such as mandrils, mandril holders, rollers and special spare parts.

SSP's contribution is based on an experienced engineering department that is constantly working on improvements in materials, thermic treatments, coating and superficial finish, as well as improvements in design and productive processes. This is to improve the processes, prolongating the working life of the spare parts and reducing the amount of hours dedicated to equipment maintenance, as well as the possibility to make faster machine changes.

Special Spare parts has developed specific machines for wine capsule manufacturing under the brand INCAP that provides our clients with a practical and simple tool for capsule manufacturing.