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Special Spare Parts has developed specific machines for wine capsule manufacturing under our brand INCAP, which provides the capsule manufacturers with a practical and simple tool that satisfies their high end competitive requirements.

INCAP 9000 PVC is completely mechanical machine that allows PVC capsule manufacturing at a speed of 150 units/minute. The design of this machine takes into account the capsule's perfect finishing in terms of closing, printing and relief. The mandrils and dies can be changed quickly, and simple and easy maintenance prevents delays or unexpected errors.

INCAP 9000 PVC is composed of 3 indexers that ensure the reliability and precision needed during all the working hours. The movement transmission is done through belts and pulleys. This simplifies the changes and reduces the acoustical pollution generated by other mechanical transmissions.

Head stamping, printing and relief are done before the die and positioning on the mandrel. This allows for a perfect adjustment between the two operations. The cutting blade, on the body and the remnant can be adjusted in turn and advanced so that the cut can be made in the desired zone.

The advance of the material of the body, head and different printing materials is done through servomotors ensuring a perfect, fast and vibrationless advance. This results in capsules with less differences.